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Welcome to Customer Service Solutions. Our mission is to help you exceed your customers' expectations.

Here you will find training solutions on a diversity of topics, Customer Service, Management, Coaching, Human Behavior, Communication Skills, Team Building, Motivation and Human Behavior programs for Teens and Parents. Our Restaurant/Hospitality program for independent and franchise owners is designed to provide the missing links owners need in order to provide superior service and continue to grow their business.

Every company needs strategy tune ups from non-internal sources to identify different perspectives for meeting and exceeding their customers' expectations. Who needs on going tune-ups? Every company from a brand new start up to vintage ones that are perceived to be paramount customer providers.

Customer Service Solutions Inc.® will provide hallmark strategies that are in line with your organization's mission that will increase productivity, efficiency and increase your competitive edge. We offer the benefits of many years of teaching, research and consulting that makes the difference.

The price of ignorance is 1000 percent more than the cost of training, and the success of any business is through education and training.

Education and training does not cost, it pays!

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