About Us

Business Training and Workshops on a Diversity of Topics

Our training programs and workshops are designed to build Interpersonal Communication Soft Skills. At the very heart of psychology is social influence which is weaved into all of our training and workshops to help understand the process. Generally it is poor communication that often creates confusion, lack of understanding and stress that may destroy rather than build relationships.

​Our programs range from Emotional Intelligence, Customer Service, General Safety Programs, Policies and Procedures to Parenting that will help build better relationships in your personal and professional life.  Every family and company needs strategy tune ups from a non-internal source to identify different perspectives between themselves and others.

​Businesses greatest assets are their people and getting people to relate well with each other is a challenging task.

Our Mission

Customer Service Solution Inc.’s mission is to promote, inspire and teach others how to exceed their customer’s expectations.​

We are currently celebrating twenty three  years educating people on soft skills to help build better interpersonal relationships.

We have trained thousands of people on a diversity of subjects. High impact modules and workbooks are customized to represent your organizations needs and strategies. ​Our onsite facilitators are skilled to deliver workshops that achieve results through graphics and interactive participation​.

If you don’t take the time to train your employees today, they won’t be productive tomorrow.

Our Team

Sal Maggio

Sal Maggio the founder, worked in the corporate world for many years honing his workshop development and facilitation skills. The first year he opened the company he secured a major contract with one of the largest telecommunication companies in the country. Later, he branched out into the hospitality arena and plumbing industry training thousands of people.

Carla Isenegger

Carla Isenegger has a Bachelor of Arts degree. She has worked in the corporate world for many years working with major retail companies in sales, merchandising, marketing and customer service. Carla has also worked in the wholesale industry working for a major watch manufacturer. In addition she has an early childhood teaching certification. Her outgoing, magnetic personality makes her a natural for facilitating our programs and workshops.