Coaching for the 21st Century

Coaching for the 21st Century

The 21st Century Manager/Coach needs to be able to motivate, coach, and console the most seasoned employee and at the same time, exceed the demands of the new and different thinking employee. In today’s highly technological advanced world we are constantly communicating digitally.

Many managers have never been trained or have little coaching skills to transform their work groups into teams that work together in an atmosphere of high energy and enthusiasm. Coaching for the 21st Century teaches what a coach should do and how to make productivity soar.

The challenge facing today’s manager in our ever-changing environment is to be a Coach that is more flexible, responsive, and sensitive to their employee’s needs.

Purpose of the Workshop:

To provide today’s manager with the knowledge and concepts of Coaching in the 21st Century. Too often managers forget they are dealing with the emotions and feelings of people. This workshop will give each participant the tools to learn how to influence the behavior of others so they will make changes flow smoothly.

Some of the learning modules:

  • Psychology of human behavior
  • Motivation defined
  • Personal barriers and strengths to coaching
  • Looking at the best managerial behaviors
  • Establishing credibility and trust
  • Define why employees don’t perform

Length of the Workshop: Customized to clients’ needs. Workshops can range from 1/2 a day to 2 days.

Who Should attend:

This workshop is designed for New and Seasoned Managers to improve their skills in motivation, coaching, and building a better work environment.

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