Dynamic Techniques to Customer Service

Dynamic Techniques to Customer Service

From the opening to the closing statement Dynamic Techniques to Customer Service is designed to get people involved and to enhance their communication skills. This workshop is not a lecture. It provides a fun, open, interactive learning experience. Participants are eager to use the new tools upon leaving the workshop because they can apply them in their personal as well as their professional lives.

Purpose of the Workshop:

To provide Interpersonal Communication knowledge that will help control the customer contact. The training will provide the understanding and communication tools to help develop the particpant’s confidence when dealing with people in the toughest communication challenges.

Some of the learning modules:

  • Psychology of human behavior
  • Social Intelligence
  • Customer contact standard
  • Conflict management

Length of Workshop: Customized to clients’ needs

Who Should Attend:

All non-management and management personnel who have to communicate and build relationships with other people.

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