Interpersonal Relationships

Improving Interpersonal Relationships: Defining Your Behavior Style

Just about all dating sites require an individual to provide a personal profile of themselves to join. The person seeking a relationship will match their profile to others to see if there are commonalities. For a successful relationship, one has to go beyond common interests and look at a person’s behavior. Research has shown that 88% of communication break downs and 87% of conflict situations are caused by different behavior styles. Learning the different behavior styles will help you understand why individuals act and behave in the manner they do.

Purpose of the workshop:

To provide you with the knowledge to look beyond secondary allurements such as appearance, affluence, and common interests. You will be able to understand who the person truly is by the way they act and behave at your first meeting. Having this information will increase your success of having a positive relationship.

Defining your own behavior style is the first step to a better relationship. Every participant will be able to use this model in their personal lives upon leaving the workshop. In addition, each participant will define their own core values to be used as a guiding principle along with their behavior style in making better relationship choices.

Length of the Workshop: Customized to clients needs.

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