Personal Effectiveness

Improving Personal Effectiveness With Versatility

Every person in a workplace or their personal life can improve their interpersonal relationships with others.

People are judged based on their behavior and sometimes this behavior can cause conflict and tension. Through the understanding of behavioral differences (Behavior Styles) the individual will be able to identify and understand their behavior style and how other people perceive them.

Through this learning, the employee will be able to interact with people of different styles to build relationships, control the customer contact, and reduce conflict.

Participants are eager to learn the process because the knowledge can be used in their personal as well as their professional life. This powerful workshop provides the knowledge and tools to help improve the process.

Modules Defined:

  • Behavior Styles Defined
  • How to recognize our own Behavior Styles and styles of others
  • Identify personal Versatility that leads to increased interpersonal relationship effectiveness
  • How to work and interact with other behavior styles
  • How to control the contact without intimidation
  • How to reduce tension in a relationship

Length of the Workshop: Customized to clients needs

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