General Safety Programs

Safety Is Everyone’s Business

The loss of productivity, human suffering and loss of earnings are the consequences for not having a safety program or having a poor safety program in place. An Injury and Illness Prevention Plan Program can help provide each employee the knowledge needed to prevent accidents, avoid injuries to themselves and others ensuring a healthful environment by working safely. Many companies are unaware that their industry must comply to OSHA laws.

Our Injury and Illness Program is out of the box ready for employers to train their employees on how to work safely and comply to OSHA laws. The 2018 OSHA penalty for other than serious violations is $12,934 per event. The penalty for willful or repeated violations is $129,336.

The safety manual is a vast resource of safety tools that provides observation logs, safety meeting scheduling and lesson plans. Even if your company is exempt from OSHA compliance, the main goal of having a safety and health program is to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.

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