Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Policies are the company’s expectations for employees to follow.

Procedures are the processes to carry them out.

Just about everything we purchase from an automobile to a cell phone comes with an instruction book to show you how the features and functions work to get the best operating performance. Many companies have very shallow or no Policies and Procedures in place to run their businesses.

Why is it important to have Policies and Procedures for your company? Every employee needs to have objectives and guidelines to perform their job well. They also want to know how they are doing. This is done through an appraisal process.

By having Policies and Procedures in place, you are showing your employees that the company wants to be fair to everyone and this will go a long way in building good relationships and company morale.

A powerful incentive for having Policies and Procedures is in the event you have to deal with a discontent employee, Policies and Procedures will help you deal with a potential litigation.

Customer Service Solutions Inc. can build a customized Policies and Procedures program specific for your business.

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